Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023
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Hatsune Miku headphones by YOWU unboxing

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Originally posted 2020-07-28 18:52:34.

vay tiền online, bất động sản khuyến mãi giảm giá cực sốc căn hộ VIP 3 phòng ngủ chỉ có tại giờ.vn


  1. тнeѕe are вeιng ѕold on aмazon ғor aroυnd $300. ι jυѕт ordered a paιr. leт'ѕ нope ιт ѕoυndѕ good enoυgн ówò

    edit: so these came like a month late but they came. I got everything shown in this video. The audio sounds pretty standard but the mic is a little rough. It's an absolutely adorable piece of miku merch though so if you're a fan I'd recommend it

  2. Ляя, какие красивые наушники! Просто бомба. Для фанатов Мику – уши на вес как золото!
    По видео я не смог оценить качество басов, так как их микрофон тупо не записал. Ну вообще как они, нормально басят? Глубоко?

  3. I really wish they sold outside of China… I really wanted a pair! By the way, I don't mind that they sound garbage. I want one to collect. But, it's a choice between these and the Razer Kraken Kitty Editions. Which should I get?

  4. Also tbh I do t really care how much I paid I never had much miku merch or own anything like this so I’m pretty happy just for the aesthetics, I’m so lame. I would recommended just for cosplay, look wise it’s great!

  5. Honestly? I hate these headphones. I just wanted to be a cute gamer girl but literally the only thing these headphones are good for is listening to music. They don't work properly when trying to play video games on both my PC or PS4. The microphone is practically worthless, it's literally only works for phone calls (it works on discord but only the phone version, it does not work with PC) and you can't have any other audio play with that call. I love how they look but I'm so mad at how much i paid for shit.

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